Widely regarded as the founding father of Oriental Jazz. Yehya Khalil founded the Cairo Jazz Quartet, the first jazz band in Egyptian history, when he was only 13 years old. Following the band’s great success, Yehya traveled to the United States to pursue his studies in music. In his 15-year long stay, Khalil earned a degree at the American Conservatory of Music and tutored by the legendary percussionist Roy Knapp. 

Dubbed by jazz legend Dizzie Gillespie "The greatest percussionist alive, Khalil has earned international recognition for his unique blend of oriental and western sounds." He has played with legendary world artists such as The Four Tops, Eric Clapton, James Brown and Jimi Hendrix.

Yehya Khalil presents a fusion of percussion arrangements with an oriental twist and classical jazz in concerts across the globe. Khalil pioneered the jazz movement in Egypt, and has been creating game-changing music for the past four decades. He continues to re-define jazz, blending world trends with local music.

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Yehya Khalil Foundation for the Culture of Jazz Music

Spreading the Culture of Jazz Music through concerts, festivals, and the TV & Radio program "The World of Jazz".

The foundation also provides workshops and clinics to educate young people about the culture of jazz generally; and help young talented musicians to improve their level and skills.

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