Intercultural Music artists provide professional instruction in musical traditions from cultures around the world. We offer group and private instruction, school assemblies, artist residencies, lectures, and professional development workshops.

We are passionate about cultural education and have strong ties to the international music community through years of performing and teaching. Our team can provide referrals and consultation for world music education and cultural events. Please see below to learn more about our diverse offerings. 

Excellent job! The opportunity to present the global folk music you play so brilliantly to Richland County children who have experienced so little beyond their community, much less the world, is a fabulous opportunity!
— Sheila Ritter | Olney Arts Council
Great music, great performing, and wonderful explanations. The presenters know how to talk to young students. They also made great connections with the curriculum our students have been learning.
— Maria Foustalieraki, Ph. D. | Music Teacher at Francis Parker School
This was an incredible group of musicians who imparted cultural lessons throughout their performance. I learned about Arabic traditional classic and folk music and some dance forms from watching them play their instruments. BRAVO!
— John Carroll | Music Teacher at Bessie Rhodes Evanston District 65


All-ages educational, engaging, and interactive performances that demonstrate the music and instruments from various regions as well as the culture and language.

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We offer beginner to advanced level school workshops and artist residency programs in music, dance, theatre, and visual arts for K-12 and college students.

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Group and private instruction in music and instruments from the Middle East, North Africa, Greece, Balkans, and India.

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Lecture demonstrations for college level classes relating music to topics in history, social studies, anthropology, and philosophy.

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Professional development workshops providing educational tools and cultural understanding skills for educators and organizations.

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"Indigenous Songs of Iraq and Syria" Performed by the 2016-2017 Lindblom Varsity Singers Arranged by Ronnie Malley.

In collaboration with Chicago Public Schools, the University of Chicago hosts this full-immersion language program focused in Arabic or Mandarin for CPS high school students.