Our Mission


Founded by Chicago musicians, performers, producers, and educators in 2007, Intercultural Music Production is a cultural arts organization committed to empowering a global community through performance, education, and production. The partners and artists at Intercultural Music Production have worked with organizations and musicians from around the world and specialize in a variety of styles including Middle Eastern, North African, Andalusian, Greek, Turkish, South Asian music, and more.

We work extensively with children in the Chicago and suburban school districts, local and national colleges and universities, consulates, intercultural/interfaith groups, as well as with international arts organizations and artists.

Intercultural Music has strong ties to the international music community through years of performing and teaching and also provides referrals and consultation for world music education and cultural events.




Ronnie Malley
Business Director

george lawler.jpg

George Lawler
Creative Director

Nicole Sieczka
Administrative Director




Habibullah Wardak
Legal Consultation, Afghan Music Specialist, Musician


Partner Organizations