Professional development workshops providing educational tools and cultural understanding skills for educators and organizations.

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Extending beyond the arts

The web of culture includes customary dress, eating habits, etiquette, daily rituals and many other subtle qualities.  As professionals in fields such as education, it is important to see how various attributes of a culture fit together, influence each other, and interact.    

ICMP’s roster of artists are proficient in a wide variety of cultural idiosyncrasies and can help develop an overall knowledge of a people’s way of life.  This knowledge can be a valuable tool for a professional career path.

  • To add authenticity to a specific event by pairing music, food and other arts together in an accurate manner.

  • Avoiding potentially offensive or embarrassing mistakes when dealing with foreign guests, or traveling abroad.

  • Widening the perspective of professional teachers.

  • Providing a broader outlook to employees of firms that work with a wide variety of cultures.