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East Meets Middle East Performance at Golden Rondelle Theater Racine, WI

  • Golden Rondelle Theater 1525 Howe Street Racine, WI, 53403 United States (map)
EMME: East Meets Middle East

EMME: East Meets Middle East

Golden Rondelle Theater | Racine, WI

East Meets Middle East performs a special FREE concert in Racine, WI on Wednesday, September 19th. The international quartet, East Meets Middle East - EMME, will perform beautiful music from India and the middle east at the very special Golden Rondelle Theater. Built by Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin Associates for the 1964 World's Fair in NYC and moved to Racine following the fair to SC Johnson's headquarters.

FREE event, but must RSVP for ticket.

Sponsored by SC Johnson and presented by People of Rhythm Productions


“Music is a medium for social interactions and dialogue,” shares Ronnie Malley, co-founder of the group East Meets Middle East (EMME). This ensemble features stellar players of Middle Eastern music and traditional Indian classical music.

EMME formed in early 2016 as a collaboration between two Chicago musicians, George Lawler and Ronnie Malley, who had been playing together for over 10 years, and two seasoned classical Indian musicians from Calcutta, Subrata Bhattacharya and Abhisek Lahiri, who were on tour and visiting Chicago. They wanted to create a project that would emphasize the uniqueness of these rich, yet distinct, cultures and faiths from the Middle East and India.

The group explores the relationship between raga and maqam musical styles, but also delves into the improvisational components of those styles, as well as draws on collective influences in everything from Pink Floyd to Ali Akbar Khan.

Some have expressed that it’s refreshing to get a more in-depth look at these cultures through music. Others enjoy the instruments and how they complement each other. While there is a structure to the compositions, the group also leaves room to improvise – making each live performance a unique experience for EMME and the audience. 


People of Rhythm Productions

People of Rhythm Productions serves as a performing arts presenting organization, a record label and a creative music production company. Brian Keigher serves various music needs on all levels from event production to programming live, original or licensed music for ad agencies and brands. Specializing in live music event programs, music event series and festivals. Current projects include curating events for the city of Chicago's annual World Music Festival, the Boston University Global Music Festival and more. www.peopleofrhythm.orgfounded in 2012, the critically acclaimed, award-winning company has created more than 30 original productions over six seasons.