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Wala3at: Indigenous Interactive Cypher

  • la catrina cafe 1011 W 18th St Chicago, Illinois 60608 (map)
wala3at oct 12, 2018.jpg

"Wala3at" is a series of Palestinian-Indigenous art/music/dance resistance sessions geared to creating a shared, transformative space for indigenous, brown, and Black folks to build and share their histories of pain, joy, and resistance.

For this particular session, we are centering a mix of Native American and Mexican heritage and will be featuring Ida y Vuelta ( and the Aadizookaan (; we will also be featuring Palestinian musician Ronnie Malley from Chicago. 

***Please read the following before you RSVP your ticket! ***

In order to create a space dedicated to centering Black, brown, and indigenous peoples, "Wala3at" will operate on a few parameters:

1) This is not an entertainment event. This is an invested space committed to build and transform.
2) Participation is prioritized for Black, brown, and indigenous people. If you identify otherwise and would very much like to attend, please DM us and we will let you know about extra available tickets closer to the time of the event!
3) Space will be limited. We have reserved a number of tickets for folks with low income to better facilitate an accessible space for all. Please DM us so we can confidentially accommodate you.
4) The space will be accessible for able people who face physical and or mental challenges. If you have any specific needs, please let us know ahead of time and we will provide as needed.

{Ida y Vuelta}’s presentations come from a long tradition of Mexican folk music called Son Jarocho. The genre is a fusion of African, Spanish-Arabic and Indigenous music and poetry. Ida y Vuelta’s instrumentation is native to the Sotavento region and includes jaranas (8 string small guitars), requinto (lead 4 string guitar), leona (acoustic bass), zapateado (percussive foot tapping) and they also incorporate the cajón peruano and cajita (peruvian box) for percussion reinforcement. Ida y Vuelta keeps the spirit of traditional “sones” alive, which date back over 300 years. Performing this music they aspire to make known its rich historical and musical value, specifically here in the U.S.

{The Aadizookaan} is a dynamic group collaborating in various ways that specialize in multimedia productions, projects, services, events, products & installations, and the [ah-dihz-ooh-kahn] translates to “the sacred spirit of the story”, "the story/message/messenger" which is from the language of the Anishinabe [first nations people from the area of Detroit].

{Ronnie Malley} Ronnie Malley is a multi-instrumentalist musician, actor, producer, and educator with a background in music and cultures of the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and South Asia and has performed music from these regions for over twenty years. Ronnie has collaborated with international artists from various secular and spiritual traditions and has composed and consulted for many cultural music projects in film and theater. Ronnie performs with the music groups Allos Musica, Diwan al-Han, East Meets Middle East, Lamajamal, Surabhi, and Turath Ensemble.


Organized by Debka Lilak, Watan, & Intercultural Music Production
Poster design by Jumana Al-Qawasmi
Curated by Ahmed Hamad