An Oasis Along The Silk Road - A caravanserai was an ancient motel, giving weary Silk Road travelers a safe place to park their camels, count their furs, and maybe even sip on some wine. Hot food, hand-washing stations, and live music were a must. Luckily for us, sans camels, Chicago has all those things, without having to experience the austere life styles of the vagabonds of yore. So, grab your headdress and gold coins, lace up your leggings, and join us for a night of music and dance that celebrates the weary traveler in all of us! Join Lamajamal and guest performers for "Caravanserai" An Oasis Along The Silk Road. 

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Lamajamal's music combines Middle Eastern and Balkan traditions with luscious, dubbed-out production and a rock band's sensibilities. Capable of dreamy, pensive soundscapes or raucous, jovial, party music, Lamajamal can take the listener all over the world, or just to the dance floor. 

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Join Lamajamal and special guests for "Caravanserai" An Oasis Along The Silk Road. Special guest performances with local musicians and dancers.