It can often be difficult to find professional instruction in musical traditions from cultures around the world. Even in large metropolitan areas like Chicago, finding the right teacher of a specific ethnic instrument can be a daunting task. At Intercultural Music Production we offer specialized instruction in music from the Middle East, North Africa, Greece, the Balkans, and India.

With individualized instruction, a student can quickly develop their skills in a specific style of music, gain more learning resources, and avoid the guesswork that comes with trying to learn by oneself. All levels of musicianship, from beginner to professional can benefit from knowing the subtleties of various world genres, which can expand one’s musical palate and allow for more creative expression.

Intercultural Music Production’s roster of artists are proficient in a wide variety of instruments from many different cultures. In addition to traditional instruments such as oud, santur, darbuka, and tabla, we also teach unique styles from around the world on popular instruments such as guitar, piano, drum set, sax, clarinet, and flute. Along with technical proficiency on an instrument, students will gain knowledge of the music theories from various traditions related to their instrument.

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Private Instruction | Adult Group Classes | Youth Group Classes



Learn to play this classic instrument, a Middle Eastern fretless lute, using ear, notation and tablature. Learn improvisation (taqasim) and the maqam system, which permits you to play different scales and express yourself with great variety and flair.

Middle Eastern Percussion (Darbuka, Frame Drum, and Riq)

Learn techniques and rhythmic modes (Iqa’) on a variety of percussion instruments from the Middle East and North Africa.

Middle Eastern Guitar (Acoustic and Electric Guitar)

Learn how to play scales, songs, and common chord progressions found in Middle Eastern music.

Middle Eastern Music Theory (All Instruments)

Learn about maqam theory (Middle Eastern music scales), iqa’ (Middle Eastern rhythms, and taqsim (improvisation). Students will learn how to employ Middle Eastern music theory for composition, improvisation, and performance.  



Greek Percussion (Daouli, Touberleki, Deffi)

Learn percussion techniques and rhythms to accompany folk dances from Greek and Balkan traditions.  

Greek Clarinet

Learn to play Greek style clarinet. Students will learn to play Greek songs and different styles including kalamtiano and tsamiko used in weddings and celebrations.  

Greek Sandouri (Hammered Dulcimer)

Learn to play the Greek sandouri. Students will learn technique and songs for this traditional Greek instrument.




Indian Tabla

Learn theory and technique on the tabla, one of the most recognizable percussion instruments from India. Students will gain knowledge of the spoken syllables (bols) and rhythms found in the Indian musical system (tala).

Indian Music Theory (All Instruments)

Learn to apply the Indian music theory system, raga, to any instrument or voice. Students will gain knowledge of the rich musical scales and spoken syllables found in South Asian music.



Piano and Keyboard (World Styles)

Learn piano and keyboard styles from Middle Eastern, Balkan, Klezmer, or Indian musical traditions. Students will learn songs and music theory from these regions.

World Rhythms for Drum Set

Learn various world percussion techniques on drum set. Students will learn rhythms from the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans, and India and how to interpret them on the modern drum kit.

Alto Saxophone (World Styles)

Learn to play styles from Middle Eastern, Balkan, Klezmer musical traditions on alto saxophone. Students will learn songs and music theory from these styles.

Flute (World Styles)

Learn to play styles from Middle Eastern, Balkan, Klezmer musical traditions on flute. Students will learn songs and music theory from these styles.