Educational Assemblies & Workshops 

Intercultural Music offers introductory workshops and themed performances in music, dance, theater, and visual arts for all age groups. Our artists engage students with interactive presentations to help them learn about different cultures. Presentations can be offered as individual classroom workshops or auditorium assemblies.

School Assemblies

Assemblies are an effective way of introducing large groups of students to art from different cultures. By offering themed performances, we can help build on existing school awareness movements such as “Cultures Week” or “International Days.”  We can also work with you to create a workshop or assembly that fits your current curriculum.

Classroom Workshops

Invite an individual artist or one of our groups to present a classroom workshop on a specialized topic from the list below. Workshops are a wonderful way for a classroom of students to have an intimate hands-on experience. Artists will bring in materials and resources pertinent to their field of expertise to share with the class. We can also work with teachers to create a custom workshop pertaining to a specific unit or curriculum of study.

List of Offerings:


Middle Eastern Music - A presentation of songs, maqam and iqa’, the music theory system found in the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of Central Asia. Instruments and resource materials are included in the presentation. (Presented at NWU, U of C, U of W)

*Ideal for courses in Ethnomusicology, History, Social Studies

Arabic Calligraphy - Explore the principles of design for the beautiful expressive Arabic script.

Arabic Poetry - Explore the forms and rules of poetry in the rich Arabic language.

Middle Eastern and North African Percussion and Rhythms (K-12, College)

Dance of the Middle East and North Africa - Includes regional folk dances (e.g., dabka, raqs al assaya / tahtib)

Turkish and Ottoman Music

Music of Egypt, the Levant, and the Gulf



Arabo-Andalusia Music

Folk and Popular Music of North Africa - Discover the multiple genres and styles of music that exist in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and nearby regions. 



Indian Music Theory - A presentation of songs, raga and tala, the music theory system found in South Asia. Instruments and resource materials are included in the presentation.

*Ideal for courses in Ethnomusicology, History, Social Studies

Indian Classical, Folk, and Film Music



Klezmer Music

Balkan Music (Bulgaria, Macedonia)

Roma Music



Greek Music from Different Regions

Greek Rhythms and Percussion

Greek Folk Dance



Andalusian Trail - Take a journey from India, the Middle East, and North Africa to Andalusia, Spain where these cultures meet. Learn through song and poetry about the influence of these cultures on medieval history. Presented at Instituto Cervantes Chicago.

How Art Leads to Higher Consciousness - Explores perspectives of music as a spiritual and social practice in different cultures. Presented at Columbia College Psychology and Philosophy classes.

Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish Music  - Learn about the geography, languages, instrumentation, and musical styles of these distinct Jewish cultures.

East Meets Middle East - Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between Indian and Middle Eastern music.

Sacred and Profane Music of the Levant - Discover the spiritual and popular music from this Middle Eastern region as viewed through the lens of the three Abrahamic traditions - Jewish, Christian, and Muslim.