Committed to presenting world-class entertainment with international artists, Intercultural Music promotes an understanding of global cultures through the performing arts.

Our artists specialize in a variety of styles including Middle Eastern, North African, Andalusian, Greek, Turkish, South Asian music and more.

Intercultural Music has strong ties to the international music community through years of performing and teaching and also provides referrals and consultation for world music education and cultural events. 

Our team can provide all aspects of programming from performance to production.



Arab-Andalusian Music

Afghan Traditional Music

Central Asian Traditional Music

Classical Guitar

East Meets Middle East

Flamenco Music

Greek, Balkan, and Turkish Folk and Classical Music

Greek Folk Dance

Indian Classical Music and Dance

Indo / Afro / Arab / Spanish Fusion

Kashmiri Folk Music

Middle Eastern Classical, Folk, and Contemporary Music

Middle Eastern Rock

Theatrical Productions

World Music for Children

World Music Fusion Ensembles